Radio frequency technology has great impact on society

About the RF Knowledge Lab

The RF Knowledge lab is a collaboration of companies, universities, and research organizations. All with a very specific RF expertise. This group of professionals, brought together by High Tech NL, has joined forces to explore the possibilities and opportunities for collaboration. Both in the Netherlands as well as abroad.
This initiative has the warm support of local and provincial governments.

The RF Knowledge Lab is the best entry point to new RF innovations and solutions.



The RF Knowledge Lab is an ambassador for RF solutions. Our goal is to reintroduce and expand RF technology in existing and new application area’s.
We have acces to the entire RF ecosystem and therefor RF knowledge.

The RF Knowledge Lab stimulates collaboration and innovation.


Focus areas

• Shared infra
• Talent development
• Innovation
• IP strategy
• Collaboration projects
• Roadmapping
• R&D

RF Knowledge Lab Partners


The Chip Integration Technology Center has been developed to further increase the strength of the (Dutch) ecosystem in relation to Chip Packaging (Chip Integration). Combining the power and knowledge of both small and large companies and research institutes and Universities, this center works on Pre-competitive technology development in the backend of chip production.

Leijenaar Electronics

Leijenaar Electronics is a Dutch company that’s specialized in a wide range of professional RF/microwave design services. With extensive experience in using industry leading equipment and design tools Leijenaar Electronics can provides RF/microwave design services from the early idea up to a working product, included CNC services for applications that need dedicated baseplate cooling or EMC enclosures. Area’s covered are e.g. demo board design and prototyping, CATV systems, antenna design, RF transceiver design for space satellites, Internet of Things.

Leijenaar Electronics is founded by William Leijenaar, and grew out of the passion in designing highly integrated RF systems for high demanding applications like space satellite. For a long time it has been a side business, but as of June 2021 it is turned into a full time business and will be located in the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Besides design work also small prototype assembly and RF testing capabilities are available.

Novio Tech Campus

Novio Tech Campus is a distinguishing business location with attractive architecture, good connections (its own NS train station amongst others), and special supporting facilities for cooperation, networking, and (open) innovation.
A campus for applied innovation (development and production) with a focus on semiconductors and medical/healthcare technology.
Both literally and figuratively the business park connects with the knowledge and industry being generated on the nearby university campus of Heijendaal. It also opens up the special facilities offered by NXP as well as both universities in Nijmegen.
Novio Tech Campus is actively focused on the developments that are taking place at the cross-over between the High Tech and Life Sciences Sectors. Novio Tech Campus is a place where companies can exchange knowledge, open an office and make active use of all the available facilities.

Oost NL

Development agency Oost NL develops and supports innovationand helps to finance them. Oost NL assists international entrepreneursto Gelderland and Overijssel, and invests in improving the business climate.Oost NL also participates in innovative companies and manages innovation funds.

With a commitment to the knowledge economy of the eastern Netherlands; strong in Agro-Food, Life Sciences, High Tech, Energy, Logistics, Creative and Manufacturing Industry.

The Netherlands has gained a worldwide reputation as a leading High Tech nation that is home to renowned original equipment manufacturers, highly skilled suppliers and innovative materials companies. East Netherlands has its fair share of economic activities within this top sector, especially when it comes to High Tech Systems, High Tech Materials, and Micro- and Nano-technology, with Agri-food, Cleantech and Energy and Life Sciences among the main application areas driving technological innovation.

Pink RF

In the emerging solid state RF energy market pinkRF bridges theknowlegde gap between end system functionality and solid state RFenergy generation and control.
For our customers pinkRF is consultingand enabling, supporting RF energy markets and applications. 

PinkRF designs, develops and manufactures RF Energy Systems for Industrial, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Scientific applications

Major breakthroughs in technology performance and cost structure of solid state devices will disruptively impact RF energy markets. A wealth of new applications will be enabled by this new technology, ranging from replacement  solid state cooking, plasma lighting, automotive plasma ignition, and numerous medical applications.In these emerging markets, a lack of knowledge limits market adoption of this new technology and pinkRF is thé go to RF energy company to bridge the gap.

Radboud University

Radboud University is a broad university with leading alpha, gamma, beta, and medical disciplines. The University has close cooperation with the high-tech sector in the field of materials research, AI, Neurotech, and data science. In addition, Radboud University makes its facilities and equipment available to the business community through the Radboud Research Facilities. This includes: FELIX, HFML, SPiN Labs, Robot Lab, Radboud Radio Lab and various other high-end equipment.

RF Food Systems

RF Food Systems is a technology company dedicated to the development, realization and marketing of industrial applications for heating, molding and pasteurizing products in the food industry using Radio Frequency Technology. 

RF Food Systems offers the possibility to place a test installation in the production environment of your company. In addition, RF Food Systems has a partnership with a renowned machine factory to build, install, commission and troubleshoot installations. A visit to a working RF installation in production is possible.


TNO is a knowledge organization for companies, governmentbodies and public organizations. The daily work of some 4,400employees is to develop and apply knowledge.

TNO provides contract research and specialist consultancy as well as grant lieges for patents and specialist software. TNO tests and certify products and services, and issue an independent evaluation of quality. And they set up new companies to market innovations. The development and application of innovative knowledge: that’s what TNO is all about.

Top BV

TOP bv is a service provider specialized in practical innovation for the food industry. We work for and with food producers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world. For our clients and partners we design and implement unique and useful innovations.


TOP B.V. works for the food industry and its suppliers like equipment manufacturers worldwide. Boosting your company’s profits, practical innovation and improving the quality of your (new) products are our priorities. To achieve this ultimate goal we apply the latest scientific and technical know-how.