Radio Frequency Technology
for today's conveniences and for
a prosperous future.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology knowledge is significantly strong developed in The Netherlands. No less than thirty Dutch companies are highly specialized in RF technology and its applications.

The Netherlands is home to many great inventions in RF technology. Bluetooth and WIFI, worldwide embraced and indispensable innovations, have their origins and crucial development in the Netherlands. And, with the knowledge and expertise of Dutch RF engineers, so much more can become possible with RF technology. Welcome to the world of RF solutions!


We believe that RF technology will provide solutions to societal challenges, such as energy, health, food, climate, transportation and safety.

In order to maintain the strong leadership role, active collaboration is needed. The RF Knowledge Lab aims to optimize and expand this collaboration, by bringing together some of the key stakeholders in this area. We strive to find more possibilities in new and innovative application areas.
The goal of the RF Knowledge Lab is to speed up this process and make progression in delivering real solutions with RF technology.

The foundation pillars of the RF Knowledge Lab

1. Network/Ecosystem

2. R&D (Industry transformation)

3. Collaboration projects

4. Shared Infra


We organize meetings, webinars and events on RF technology on a regular basis.

Upcoming event | March 14:
Follow-up session RF Knowledge Lab
Radboud University, Nijmegen

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RF knowledge Lab events are facilitated by High Tech NL.



Radio Frequency Technology: to heat, sense, detect, and transfer. Offering solutions to societal challenges you probably have not thought of yet.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology knowledge is significantly strong developed in The Netherlands.  

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Novio Tech Campus

The RF Knowledge Lab knows its origin on the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen, the hotspot for Health and High Tech innovation in the Netherlands. Open innovation between researchers and entrepreneurs in Health and High Tech leads to growth, boosting the development of products and services for a better, healthier world.  It’s happening at Novio Tech Campus, Capital of Health & High Tech Innovation

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